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The Stars On Their Horsies In The Thunder Perfect Mind

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Dear PONIES WITH FUR EveryWhere—Some More News From The Nodding God Click-Clock:

It has been difficult for me to balance—BALANCE—all my, and our, recent projects, which is why some are taking longer than I and we had hoped. I swallow DeadLines EveryTimes.

We are in the process of completing the new C93 album, which will be released at our London Channelling in October. Also released at the London Channelling will be Mirror Emperor, the debut album by Zu93, as well the long-awaited reissue of C93’s Soft Black Stars, and also a 2LP retrospective—including previously unreleased material—of the “dual-solo” works created by myself and Steven Stapleton; the version available at the show will also include a one-sided 10” record with another unreleased Stapleton-Tibet track on it. There will also be a CD box-set which will contain everything Steven and I released, along with much unreleased material; the CD box-set will not include the music from the one-sided 10”, which is exclusive to the 2LP vinyl edition mentioned in the previous sentence.

As well as working (still) on the (still) elusive Her Ghost Sings Spheres album by C93, I am also making final corrections to my anthology of writings by Count Stenbock, Of Kings And Things, which will go to press very soon, as well as making the final selection for There Is A GraveYard That Dwells In Man, a second volume bringing together more of my favourite supernatural and hallucinatory tales, which is the sister to The Moons At Your DoorAll these books are published by the wonderful Strange Attractor Press.

Regarding Her Ghost Sings Spheres, I wish again to reiterate that this album will be released when I have done with her; however, if anyone wants a refund, please let us know and we will refund you immediately. 

A new lateral C93 album, The Stars On Their Horsies, is finished and is released this month. See below for more details.

The above-mentioned Mirror Emperor album by Zu93 will soon be available for pre-order, in two different vinyl editions, from House Of Mythology. The album will not be available from us in any form whatsoever, ever.

We will also shortly be announcing details of a December 2018 Channelling by C93 at a beautiful and iconic venue in Berlin.

Once I return from the (now sold-out) C93 Channelling in Stockholm, I will then start hand-finishing the sleeves for the 2LP lathe edition of Nature Unveiled, which are currently being screenprinted. We hope to start mailing these out by the beginning of May, along with the tote-bags and t-shirts that have been available for pre-order; the pre-order for these totes and t-shirts finishes on April 30.

As you can see below, the black-vinyl reissue of Thunder Perfect Mind is now in stock. If it is ordered with other pre-order items, it will only be sent with those pre-order items when the pre-order items are in stock; all items will be sent in the same package. Please also note that we are now opening the shrink-wrap on any albums that we receive in shrink-wrap—such as Thunder Perfect Mind—to remove the records from the sleeve, in order to prevent the records splitting the sleeve in transit.


A new lateral C93 album, The Stars On Their Horsies, containing just one track, is now finished and is released this month. The LP version of The Stars On Their Horsies is different to the CD version. The Stars On Their Horsies will first be available at the Stockholm Channelling, both as a CD and also as a white-label 12” TP, with labels hand-written by me, in a full-colour screenprinted sleeve, in an edition of 93 signed and numbered copies. Remaining copies of the CD and LP will then be added to the shop after we return from Stockholm. The Stars On Their Horsies may be reissued again for the London Channelling in October, in a standard vinyl edition, but with a different sleeve to the TP edition. Textually based around two NightMares I nightmared recently, of which I recorded accounts of as soon as I woke from them in the Middle of the Night Road, The Stars On Their Horsies may be seen as a SideShowPeek, or perhaps a GasStationCarnival, and a slide into October’s new C93 album.



The 2LP reissue on black vinyl is now in stock, and available for purchase here. Apart from being on black vinyl, the record labels are now purple text on a cream background, as opposed to the 2017 repress, which had white text on a background. Please note: we will take the records out of the shrink-wrap so the sleeve isn’t damaged in shipping. Please also note: if Thunder Perfect Mind is ordered along with any pre-order items such as the Nature Unveiled lathe-cut 2LP, or the tote-bag or t-shirt, the copy/copies of Thunder Perfect Mind will be shipped at the same time as the pre-order items, in late April/early May.

C93 -Thunder Perfect Mind 2LP (Black Vinyl) Repress - £22 plus P&P


We have made 93 unisex t-shirts, spread out throughout the S, M, L, and XL sizes, and a small number of tote-bags, especially for the Stockholm Channelling in a couple of weeks. They are very beautiful. v


I am, unsurprisingly, UtterOverMoon to announce that I have been asked by Shirley Collins and Strange Attractor to have an in-depth conversation with Shirley about her astonishing and intimate and perfect new biography, All In The Downs. I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of the book, and it is beyond praise. Shirley and I have been close friends for many, many years now, yet there is a huge amount of information—and many wonderful anecdotes—in her book which were gorgeous and lovely surprises to me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Shirley Collins! Tickets for this event, which takes place during Hastings’ extraordinary Jack In The Green Festival, are not yet available, but when they are available, they will be here.


All tickets for the Channelling at Stockholm’s Nalen on April 21 are now sold.


We will be removing the Nature Unveiled t-shirts and tote-bags from the online shop on April 30. Once they are removed, we will make the quantities pre-ordered and start shipping once they are in stock.

C93 Tote Bag: Maldoror Is Dead - £15 plus P&P

C93 T-shirt: AntiChrist Unveiled - £25 plus P&P



Many of you know how great a fan I am of the astonishing label Bladud Flies!, with whose Family Collective I have worked on many projects—they have been been the Stars behind all C93 lathe-cuts, some C93 mixing, and much C93 mastering. They also run their own lathe-cut-vinyl label, and they have two perfect releases below, including one by the PERFECT Reinier van Houdt, who plays in and as C93. I Utterly Recommend!

Bladud Flies! presents Reinier van Houdt: Riemann Angels, the 8th entry into the Abhorrent Jukebox 7" series.

Limited edition (60 copies); engraved clear lathe-cut vinyl.

Reinier van Houdt works with radios, synthesizers, keyboards, and recordings of unintentional sound. He has made various releases and collaborated with artists like Francisco López, Current 93, Walter Marchetti, Michael Pisaro, Maria De Alvear, Annea Lockwood, and Christian Marclay. Reinier also has a prodigious practice as a pianist of unorthodox, hybrid, extremely minimal, or virtuoso music, and he premiered work by creators such as Robert Ashley, Alvin Curran, Kaikhosru Sorabji, Charlemagne Palestine, and many more.

When I was in HighSchool around 1980, I walked the streets armed with a portable cassette-recorder, catching many unawares, and I collected quite a large cut-up fragmentary journal of strange and often pointless material—especially now that the sources and the moods are gone. Hard to say why, other than out of fascination. It's not unlike Alvin Lucier's strategy against his agoraphobia: to go out, record and imitate/translate. As an upbeat of later things to come, today two short pieces are released under the name RIEMANN ANGELS.

Reinier van Houdt

Copies are available from the BF! store.

The Tribe Of Good: Raise Your Head 12” / Limited Vinyl

The Tribe Of Good is a brand-new supergroup collective re-imagining the classic sounds of Soul, Disco and Funk for the 21st Century. Headed up by multi-Grammy-nominated dance producer Hal Ritson (Duke Dumont / Sigma / Dizzee Rascal / Cassius / Katy Perry / The Young Punx / High Contrast…), The Tribe Of Good combines the talents of many of the most amazing soul musicians and vocalists working today with some of the most exciting club production talents around.

The 70's DiscoFunkVibe is channelled perfectly in the Musicians’ LiveGroove. Recorded onto analogue tape—using vintage mics & equipment—then mixed & produced using modern equipment and techniques to MAKE IT HOT & HIGH! Old-School-Tracks for Now-Dance-Floors!

Raise Your Head is their second single released on BF! and is a strictly-limited edition (60 copies), hand-numbered, handmade clear lathe-cut with engraved centre label, crafted with the same love and precision as the music itself.

The Tribe Of Good have completed a debut album and further limited-run vinyl releases will be coming soon.

Copies are available from the BF! store.



I have been a great admirer of the fiction, and the non-fiction, of Mark Valentine for very many years. His taste is exquisite, and his knowledge of forgotten or marginal writers absolutely remarkable. So it gives me much pleasure to give the publisher Zagava's text about his new book, The Uncertainty of All Earthly Things, below:

The Uncertainty of All Earthly Things is Mark Valentine‘s first short story collection for five years and it offers twelve previously uncollected stories and an unpublished journal of story ideas and reading notes. His fiction ranges from the Triple Headed King of Sancreed, Cornwall to the unknown god of Palmyra, from a Venusian commodore to the lost composer of Stonehenge, and takes us on a search for the cockatrice and a quest for books not found in any library.

All of the stories suggest that other dimensions may be encountered in the most unexpected ways, whether through the hymn-singing of an old tramp, or as part of a Shakespeare play. And in the previously unpublished ‘Notes on the Border’, Valentine explores bookshops, old churches, folklore and the uncanny, with insights into stories as yet unwritten..

The Uncertainty of All Earthly Things comes in an hardcover edition of 199 numbered and 26 lettered deluxe exemplars. The lettered edition is signed by Mark Valentine and is bound in hand-marbled paper. To obtain this beautiful book, go here


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