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Dear All:

I hope you are all singing and ringing.

A Long and Longer update comes in the DogDays of this November, with all details of all formats of the new C93 album. We hope this to be available in January 2022, but pre-orders will start, I am told, in November next month.

The November update will also have details of a limited lathe-release record by June-Alison Gibbons and C93—unless we update on this before.

The November update will also have details of the 2 very-limited lathe-editions of C93’s THE LONG SHADOW FALLS, with its accompanying painting by me—unless we update on this before.

A quantity of ChannelledPainted photographs of The Quick And The Dead from my THE LIGHT IS LEAVING US ALL series have just been added to the online shop.

I and C93 and our FriendlyFamilyFriends are working on a lot of other Treats And Tricks—there is INDEED Turmoil In Our ToyBox—and we will update sooner than soonish—and it’s later than you think.

There Is No Death, despite what we were spelled.

Love from David+++

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