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HoovesNews: The Stars On Their Horsies, Some BeastSketches, and other QuickSands

Dear ScareCrows and HedgeRows: Some HoovesNews from NodLand:
Honey and Sweet Charity and Clarity to you all, and to me too,

C93: HER NEW ALBUM (AsRedAsUnRedCanBe) 

AThe new C93 album will finally be completed at the end of this month, and will be released—and Channelled—for the first time at C93 and NWW’s PickNick at London Shepherd’s Bush Empire on October 13.


I have added some more of the sketches of AntiChrist I drew whilst working on the images to be screenprinted on the blank reverse sides of the 2LP lathe artist’s edition of NATURE UNVEILED. Each piece is A4 (8.27 inches  × 11.69 inches / 210mm × 297mm), with the image painted in black gesso, and with each piece titled, and signed, in pencil by myself. Each piece is £93 and Insured P&P must be chosen at checkout.

View the complete collection

Please note: "Signed-For" (within the UK) or “Insured" (for anywhere outside the UK) delivery MUST be chosen at check-out.


We are SuperSun to announce that the CD of C93’s lateral leap and sidereal skip, THE STARS ON THEIR HORSIES, is now available from us at This is not the new C93 album, just a peek into her creek. The 39.39 minute CD costs £8 plus P&P. There will also be a numbered and signed white-label edition, featuring a different mix of the SingSongs, with hand-written labels, that will available in June or July. Limited to 200 copies, it comes in a full-colour screen-printed sleeve; half of the edition comes in one sleeve design, and the other half in a different sleeve design. 

As I wrote in our last update:

A new lateral C93 album, The Stars On Their Horsies, containing just one track, is now finished and is released this month. The LP version of The Stars On Their Horsies is different to the CD version. Textually based around two NightMares I nightmared recently, of which I recorded accounts of as soon as I woke from them in the Middle of the Night Road, The Stars On Their Horsies may be seen as a SideShowPeek, or perhaps a GasStationCarnival, and a slide into October’s new C93 album.

The CD is also available from Andrew Liles.




As is often the case, I and we and she are running late on the 2LP lathe artist’s edition of NATURE UNVEILED, as well as the tote bags and t-shirts, due to the huge number of projects on whom I and she and we are working. The t-shirts and totes are now with the screen-printer, and he has also started work on the NATURE UNVEILED sleeve and lathes; a photograph is attached of Sides 2 and 4. We hope to start mailing everything at the end of May. Thank you for your patient patience!


The remaining quantity of the C93 UniSex t-shirts we made specially for the Stockholm Channelling are now available here. There are not many left: just 5 x Small, and 12 Large. £25 PLUS P&P. The Fair-Trade and organic-cotton black t-shirt is printed on one side in gold. If there is a large demand, we may do more of this design, but it is more likely we will work on a new one.




I and we and they have recently started unpacking one thousand boxes of C93 archival material—vinyl, CDs, and ephemera—and moving their contents onto shelves in our storage unit. Once they are sorted out, we will be selling most of them. We have already found the last 20 copies of the scarce C93 live CD, And When Rome Falls…, as well as the last remaining copies of the TP editions of I Am The Last Of All The Field That Fell edition (The Spheres Seven) with Norbert Kox reading “The End Is Near” on it, as well as a few more copies of the TP edition of My Name Is Nearly All That’s Left (The Spheres Eleven). These three items have already been added to the shop.




I was invited to write an essay for the beautiful Cathode Love book project, so I offered them Why I Looked To The SouthSide Of The Door, an essay on C93’s Birth Canal Blues, and the manner in which I was inspired to write the lyrics by a Coptic text I had been translating. Cathode Love contains a wonderful selection of essays, fiction, and poetry, and it is available in a standard, as well as a special, edition. It is now available to order here.

I give the publisher’s description below


CATHODE LOVE (LIMITED BOOK EDITIONS w/ Signed 35MM Film Prints & SILENT ROSE MUSIC BOX) is a careful and contemporary ode to the well-published, uncompromising aesthetic journals of the 19th century, a high watermark of “magazine” publishing. Celebrating the uncanny, the beautiful, the deviant, the spirit of synaesthetics running through all art, this volume contains new and key writings on a handful of those elusive flakes of gold...the finest and most suggestive exponents of fantastique film, surreal and visionary art, decadent and defiant poetry, strange and esoteric theory and aesthetics.

BOOK CONTENTS: Includes essays, short stories, poetry, interviews and new translations from:

Roger Gilbert-Lecomte, David Tibet, Count Eric Stanislaus Stenbock, Stephen Thrower, Marina Warner, Antonin Artaud, Michel Leiris, Remy de Gourmont, Théophile Gautier, Matthew Brendan Clark, Charles Baudelaire, Joris-Karl Huysmans, Saint-Pol Roux, Catherine Ribeiro, essays on Jean Rollin and Jess Franco, poetry, fiction and more. 248pp. Expanded details are available at the publishers website at

CATHODE LOVE: exceptionally limited 'LOVE EDITION' of 111 signed and numbered gold and black-foil-stamped HARDBACK EDITIONS, with signed section of Jean Rollin's personal 35MM print of Les raisins de la mort  and hand-made SILENT ROSE MUSIC BOX, which contains a rose and dedication. An ode to commemorate the inexpressible and the orphan works hinted at by this book. That which could not be contained, I suppose. Each special LOVE EDITION box is extra specially kissed with the smoke of Jean Rollin's own pipe (a gesture uniting dreamers, old and new).  Each hardcover book contains a special bookplate that commemorates this, which is signed and numbered.

CATHODE LOVE: limited 'CATHODE EDITION' with gold and luminous black-foil-stamped & felt textured covers. Includes the lovely and loving softcover book only.

Both editions are one-time-only printings, and will not be reprinted.

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