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"The Moons at Your Door" - An anthology by David Tibet & "The Moons at Your Door" - The new album by Current 93.

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ALPHA: THE BOOK: We are OverAllTheMoons to announce details of an imminent anthology by David Tibet, released at the same time, and with the same title, as the new album by Current 93. The Moons At Your Door, published by the ever-wonderful Strange Attractor Press, is an anthology of the strange fiction and hallucinatory tales that have most moved David, and which have most influenced his work in all Spheres including, of course, Current 93 herself. It brings together unearthly stories by many innovators of the weird, whilst drawing attention to other little-known, and under-represented, scribes of the strange. The...

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“Swastikas for Noddy & Crooked Crosses for the Nodding God” vinyl, totes, badges, t-shirts + “This Ain’t the Summer of Love” have arrived and have started shipping!

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SWASTIKAS FOR NODDY & CROOKED CROSSES FOR THE NODDING GOD VINYL 2LP & 2CD; TOTES, BADGES & T-SHIRTS; & THIS AIN’T THE SUMMER OF LOVE LIVE ALBUM HAVE AT LAST ARRIVED AND HAVE STARTED SHIPPING.Thank you, all, for your great patience. All of these items are finally in, and have been shipped, at last! We hope you love and fear them as much as we do. All photographs of C93 SingSongStuff by Ania Goszczyńska, SWASTIKAS FOR NODDY & CROOKED CROSSES FOR THE NODDING GOD SPECIAL TP EDITION (SOLD OUT) The extra “surprise” item has just been finished and delivered to us; we should be...

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"Bright Cat is Night" by David Tibet to be auctioned.

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Dear All: Firstly, David Says Hello And Waves GoodBye until the next update… SWASTIKAS FOR NODDY / CROOKED CROSSES FOR THE NODDING GOD /T-SHIRTS / TOTES / BADGES We are now expecting to get these all in by the beginning of September, and will start sending them out immediately. Thank you for your patience. The delays haven’t been down to us, not down to the vinyl or CDs, which are ready and beautiful, but down to the fulfilment—the packing and shrink-wrapping! The t-shirts, the badges and the totes are also imminent. Once they are finally in, after we have packed...

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C93 skip unsoundly into Kraków on October 16

CURRENT 93 SKIP UNSOUNDLY INTO KRAKÓW ON OCTOBER 16 We are OverAllMoons to announce that C93 will channel Her Black Ship LolliPop in Kraków as part of the UnSound festival. And she will be channelling in the exquisite 14th century church of St Katherine's, one of the most beautiful churches that David has seen, and which also has a shrine to one of his favourite saints, Saint Rita. Tickets are now on sale. Go HERE for more details and we hope to see you there, aware and bare. (photograph: Ruth Bayer)

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Picknick time in Poland is PIXIETIME!


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