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Bill Fay’s own inscribed copy of "Bill Fay" to be auctioned on eBay




Dear All, Big and Small: one special piece of news with Love from Me to You.

I had previously mentioned that my dear friend Bill Fay has decided, for personal and hence private reasons, to sell his personal copies of his own albums. Bill has asked me to offer them on eBay on his behalf.

The first to be offered is the stereo edition (it was also released in mono) of his perfect, and classic, debut album on Deram in 1970, BILL FAY.  

Bill has written on the front cover of the album’s sleeve, in black ink, “This is my own Deram copy which I’ve owned since it was released in 1970. Very best wishes & thanks, Bill Fay.” 


Bill will also enclose a brief note, written to the purchaser in her/his name, with the album when it is sent to the purchaser.

Bill inscribed, and signed, these records on February 19, 2017, when we met in London. A photo of Bill and me, taken on that day by Ania Goszczyńska, can be seen here and on the listing.

The photographs attached show the condition of the sleeve and label. The record itself crackles and clicks in places, and there are a couple of brief scratches, but not enough to disturb me—in fact, it sounds pretty much the same as my own copies, both mono and stereo, of this album. Of course, the reason to buy it is that it is a unique artefact with the greatest personal connections possible with the artist who created it. 

I am not a professional record dealer or record grader, but I have described the condition of the vinyl and sleeve to the best of my ability. I may well add a more detailed description on the eBay listing, if I have the time.

This item will be shipped from England. The record will ONLY be shipped by insured mail or by courier, depending on the location of the purchaser. The winner of this item will be sent a full invoice after the auction closes which will include the shipping cost.

This auction will be followed by more Bill Fay items, the next being Bill's own copy of TIME OF THE LAST PERSECUTION, then by Bill’s promotional copy of the USA release of the Deram 7" single “Some Good Advice/Screams in the Ears”, and then his own copies of other vinyl albums of, or featuring, his own work. All these items will be similarly inscribed, and be accompanied by a similar letter addressed to the purchaser.

Please note that I am not able to pass on messages to Bill.

The auction is here:

Thank you,

David Tibet+++


© Ania Goszczyńska

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