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Later this month will be MoreNudeNews about:

THE LONG SHADOW FALLS, a lathe double-edition: Edition 1: 39 one-sided white vinyl lathe-cut copies of a new 13-minute piece by C93, THE LONG SHADOW FALLS, with each lathe having a different MixMixMix, and a unique spoken word intro and outro by me—so every copy is different. Edition 2: 21 copies of a two-sided white vinyl lathe cut, with 2 MixMixMixes not on the 39-copies Edition 1. Each lathe, in both editions mentioned above, comes with an original painting by me, from my new series THE LONG SHADOW FALLS.

As well as:

More news of the sensational and astonishing Cashen’s Gap’s hardback edition of our very dear friend June-Alison Gibbons’ legendary and perfect THE PEPSI-COLA ADDICT, a huge obsession of mine and Ania Goszczyńska’s for many, many years;. It will be limited to 333 copies signed by the author, of which 300 will be for sale. The book comes with some Very Hallucinatory Friends, including a cassette with readings by June-Alison from her novel, with music by C93. All profits from the Cashen’s Gap edition will go to June-Alison Gibbons.

June-Alison has also sent us an astonishing amount of notebooks and letters and poems and writings by both her and her twin sister Jennifer, which have never been seen before. Cashen’s Gap’s will also be republishing these. All profits from this/these books will also go to June-Alison Gibbons.

Then in the second half of November will be an update with full details of the new C93 album—which has been three years in the creating and birthing—and all its varied formats. This is, for me, the album that is the closest to my heart amongst everything I have ever done.


I and HomAleph are OverMoon to shout and scream news of a new re-edition of CURRENT 93’s seminal and hugely influential 1984 debut album Nature Unveiled and its Spectrospective accompanying t-shirt.
The HomAleph PressRelease follows:
This release will be the first time Nature Unveiled has been available on cassette since 1986. Our first edition of 333 copies comes housed in a solid red case with a clear front with transparent dark red, professionally-manufactured, cassettes plus a full-colour two-sided j-card, one side of which reproduces the original insert from the 1984 vinyl release. The cassette is then inserted into a manilla O-card which is HandStamped with a C93 logo. The cassette features all the tracks that were on the expanded 1992 Durtro CD edition, and has been ecsaticallyremastered for cassette by The Bricoleur / Bladud Flies!.

Each cassette comes with 4 cards reproducing 4 rare C93 sticker designs from the same era, one of which—MALDOROR IS DEAD—is signed by David Tibet.
This item is not available from us at

The TrackListing is:

I: Ach Golgotha (Maldoror Is Dead)
II: The Mystical Body Of Christ in Chorazin (The Great In The Small)
III: No Hiding From The Blackbird
IV: The Burial Of The Sardine - Nurse With Wound
VI: Salt
VII: Caresse
VIII: Maldoror Rising (Live In Amsterdam 1984)
IX: Maldoror Falling (Live In Brighton 1984) - Dogs Blood Order

Tracks I and II were first released as “Nature Unveiled” (LAYLAH LAY 4, 1984). Tracks III and IV were first released as a 2-sided 7” single that came with the first 1,000 copies of “Nature Unveiled”. Tracks V, VI, and VII were first released as ”LAShTAL” (LAYLAH LAY 1, 1983). Tracks VIII and IX were released as bootlegs in 1985.

Release date: 01/12/21

Pre-order here:

Note: Some cassettes will also become available for wholesale order in due course; however, these will not come with the signed card.


This item, limited to 250 postcards, signed and numbered by me, is only available from FEX and The Folklore & History Museum of Xanthi. It is not available from The front image is by me, from my new series I AM BECOME ALL LIGHT.

A PressRelease from them follows:
FEX and The Folklore & History Museum of Xanthi are honoured and delighted that we are able to announce a special artistic release, a worldwide exclusive, which is being implemented in the context of supporting the Folklore & History Museum of Xanthi.

It is a collectible flexi-postcard which is playable on record-players as an analogue music record of short duration.

The postcard hosts visual and audio material from Current 93 and is called SOFT AS THE SUN.

This unique postcard is to be released in 250 copies, hand-numbered and signed copies by David Tibet, on December 2021, curated by the Experimental Stage of FEX,, which after a long time obsession with postcards, starts with this release a new series under the title «Ηλιοστάσιον».

The release will be exclusively available from the Folklore & History Museum of Xanthi and the proceeds will be used exclusively to support its operation.

We deeply thank David Tibet for his sensitivity, offering, generosity and honour to the Folklore & History Museum of Xanthi and the FEX in general.

Email for reservations is:

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