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The Magickal Bird Sings On Her Wings: “There Is No Death”

Sleep Has Her House: Olivia Cynthia Bunting 30 June 1930—25 July 2016.


All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well. (Julian of Norwich)

As some of you are now aware, my mother passed into the arms of the +++Aleph+++ last Monday.

I have been telling people recently that the delays involved in the release of some of my projects were due to a serious illness within the family of C93. Now, that illness, though “this sickness is not unto death” (John XI:4), is over. I would like to thank those many kind individuals who wrote to me so sweetly; your words meant a great deal to me.

HYPNOPAZŪZU: Their First Channelling To Be Announced This Week!

In the next couple of days we will be giving details of the first Channelling by HYPNOPAZŪZU, a new Face shared between David Tibet and Youth.

Two songs from their first album, Create Christ, Sailor Boy may be heard on YouTube at:

Magog At The MayPole  +  Night Shout, Bird Tongue


CUT-OFF DATE For Ordering C93 T-shirts, Totes, & Belt Buckles!

The cut-off date for the pre-ordering of the new C93 t-shirts is August 14. The t-shirts will be removed from the shop in the evening. The tote bags and belt buckles will remain on the shop for another week or so, and then also be taken off the shop.

C93 T-shirt: Aleph As SevenTeenBubbleHead Legion:
Luminous on black

Available as S, M, L and XL in male and female cut.

£20 + P&P


C93 T-shirt: Aleph As SevenTeenBubbleHead Legion:
Silver on white

Available as S, M, L and XL in male and female cut.

£20 + P&P


C93 T-shirt: Imperium Death Flower 

Available as S, M, L and XL in male and female cut.

£20 + P&P


C93 Tote Bags

Aleph As SevenTeenBubbleHead Legion

Imperium Death Flower

+ P&P


C93 Belt Buckles

In The Night I Have Heard Chariots Breathing

Imperium Death Flower

+ P&P


Current 93: Her Ghost Sings Spheres

The first edition of this album sold out immediately; there are around 5 copies left on the second edition. My mother’s passing means there may now be a slight delay in the release of this album. Please bear with me and us.

Current 93: The Moons At Your Door 3 LP - Special Edition

I was OverMoon to see samples of the screen-printed vinyl late last week. So I have approved everything, and we are finally nearly ready with this release, which was again delayed by the family issues of which I spoke earlier.

We are told that the vinyl will be with us in roughly three weeks and we will of course be packing orders immediately. Thank you again for your patience and understanding.


Some back catalogue Current 93 titles—primarily CDs, but also a couple of vinyl 12”s—have been added to the online store at lower prices in order to make space for David’s growing Akkadian collection, and his growing collection of Growing Kittens. 

CDs are all £6, except for the C93/OM BlackShip Shrinebuilder (Inerrant Rays Of Infallible Sun) split and the Black Ships Heat The Dance Floor CDs which are £4 each, and all the vinyl is £8 each.

Go to the ON SALE page for more items.

We have also added the last remaining copies of the Iconic Current 93 Enamel Badge Collection set, which includes 5 badges and a small black cardboard pouch (not pictured in this photo) in which one puts the badges to sleep. These cost £20 plus P&P

Reinier Van Houdt’s Wonderful New Album, Concerto For The Left Hand In One Movement

The stellar pianist, and one of C93’s Central Suns, Reinier van Houdt has a new album out on Alga Marghen, which can be bought here which is as perfect as perfect can be. The label writes:

Reinier van Houdt has a new album out of his solo piano-work. In 2013 the extraordinary anti-artist Walter Marchetti gave him a piece for piano & umbrella. It is music you can only be faithful to by betraying the composer. Now Reinier has released his version on ALGA MARGHEN. In Marchetti's words, “Magic made free from the lie of being truth”, with an umbrella trying to protect us from the sound of the rain.

© Martijn van Hennik

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