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HYPNOPAZŪZU Announce Their First Channelling

House of Mythology is ecstatic to announce that HYPNOPAZŪZU will host their first LivePickNick in London on October 22 at the Union Chapel.

David Tibet and Youth, with a beautiful FullGullSkull band, will skip songs from their new old album Create Christ, Sailor Boy.

A telescopic union of two idiosyncratic artists, HYPNOPAZŪZU sees Current 93's David Tibet joining forces with The Eternal Youth, famed not only for his work as bassist with Killing Joke, but also for his production and hisx collaborative work with an outlandishly eclectic list of artists from Alien Sex Fiend to Paul McCartney.

David Tibet and Youth first worked together on Current 93’s pre-pubescent attention notice, Nature Unveiled, in 1984. Create Christ, Sailor Boy is their delayed and arrayed pubescence.

Together, The Eternal Youth and The Diurnal David Tibet have imagined a singular hallucinatory vision that mates sidereal symphonic splendour to indignant gnostic intensity, in which Youth’s ornate and dramatic arrangements slide into and around Tibet's vivid hypnagogic visions to end up in a PickNick SplinterLand that is as butterfly as it is mockingbird in its opulence.

We are all OverMoon that the exquisite The Stargazer’s Assistant will be playing with us.

Thank you!



David Tibet & Youth Interviewed About HYPNOPAZŪZU

Youth and I are OverSevenMoons to announce that we will be interviewed on the Freak Zone programme on BBC Radio 6 on August 14 about HYPNOPAZŪZU and other playgrounds.

HYPNOPAZŪZU Bundles & Coloured Vinyl

All the gold vinyl bundles are now sold out and the remaining stock of the other coloured vinyl editions is almost gone - House of Mythology store.


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