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SKIPPING TO ARMAGEDDON By Ruth Bayer: The Ultimate Hallucinatory Photograph Book Of C93 & Friends

By Ruth Bayer

The Ultimate Hallucinatory Photograph Book
Of C93 & Friends

Strange Attractor Press are thrilled to present: Skipping To Armageddon: Photographs of Current 93 & Friends by Ruth Bayer.
“Like much of the music made by the artists who entrusted her to reflect their mercurial spirits, Bayer's pictures are magic.”
From the introduction by Michel Faber.



192pp, 240 x 185mm

120 + images in colour and black/white

Available from mid-August in two editions, exclusively from Strange Attractor Press.

£30 - Standard edition.

£40 - Collectors’ edition - limited to 50 numbered copies, signed by Ruth Bayer and David Tibet, with a photographic print of David Tibet also signed by Ruth Bayer and David Tibet.


Bringing together, for the first time, the music photography of Ruth Bayer, who has documented key players in the English musical post-punk underground since the mid 1980s.

With unprecedented access and intimacy, Ruth has photographed luminaries and legends including Marc Almond, Little Annie, John Balance, Peter Christopherson, Shirley Collins, Cyclobe, Baby Dee, Steven Stapleton, David Tibet, Tony (TS) McPhee, Norbert Kox, Tiny Tim, and many others, in a career spanning three decades. 

This is a unique collection, featuring over one hundred timeless and iconic images of some of the most influential, eccentric and sometimes controversial musicians of their times.


Ruth Bayer is an Austrian photographer, based in London, whose work has been exhibited at galleries all over the world. Her photographs have appeared in numerous music and style magazines over the past two decades and most recently in the book The Play Goes On: The Rituals of the Rainbow Bridge by Zachary Cox and Jean M Williams.

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