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HER GHOST SINGS SPHERES, HYPNOPAZŪZU and other gossip from the Nodding God…

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Dear All, the Great and the Small:


C93 are to release her new broken album, in a small number of lathe-cut vinyl copies, in 3 months. Entitled Her Ghost Sings Spheres, it comes in two editions. 

The first edition, GHOST, limited to 18 signed and numbered copies, has an original postcard-sized painting, by Madge Gill, of her spirit guide MYRNINEREST on the front cover; these postcards come from my personal collection of Madge Gill’s work. This edition contains Her Ghost Sings Spheres as a clear lathe-cut 12" album, cut by Bricoleur at Bladud Flies! It also comes with 2 personalised extra Hidden Spheres. It costs £418 plus P&P. Only one purchase per order and individual.

The second edition, SPHERES, limited to 93 signed and numbered copies, contains Her Ghost Sings Spheres as a black lathe-cut 12", again cut by Bricoleur. It costs £93 plus P&P. It also comes with 1 personalised Hidden Sphere, different to that accompanying the first edition. Only one purchase per order and individual.

Both editions come in a silk-screened sleeve; this is a very haunting and unique Channelling. An example of one of the postcards that will come with the first GHOST edition appears below. This album will not be released in any other physical format, but will be released as a download in due course.



Youth and I are OverMoon to announce that the new—and first—album from our new group Hypnopazūzu, titled Create Christ, Sailor Boy, is released in the second half of August on the wonderful House Of Mythology label, and mastered by the ever-amazing Bricoleur at Bladud Flies!

This double album has its 10 tracks on the first 3 sides, and a laser etching of a Youth/David Tibet Hallucinatory Cartoon on the 4th side. The vinyl edition is available in two different sleeves—one with Youth’s artwork on the front, and one with my artwork on the front. There will be four different colours for the vinyl—a special bundle edition, limited to 100 copies, with extra items in gold vinyl; a version in violet vinyl limited to 200 copies; a version in royal blue vinyl limited to 200 copies, and a standard edition in black vinyl. The vinyl edition has printed inner bags, a gatefold lyric booklet, and is inserted in a screenprinted vinyl record sleeve.

A single CD is also to be released at the same time, featuring the same material, with lyric booklet and a two-sided card inserted in front of the booklet with Youth’s and my artwork on each side. Please note: These items are ONLY available from House Of Mythology and are NOT available from A track from the album, Magog At The MayPole can be heard here.

Further updates and pre-order links will follow from House Of Mythology in due course, and be sent out by us too. But we do suggest that anyone wanting to receive news of this release, and others from HoM, subscribe to their email updates via their mailing list.

Hypnopazūzu will also be Channelling their first concert in London before the end of the year; more details very soon once the venue and the date are confirmed.



As some of you know, there has been an illness in my immediate family, which has caused many delays. The images to be silkscreened on the blank sides of each record have now been approved by David, so hopefully the records will be with us very soon and we can start sending them out. All the other items for the package have been ready for some time and are in my studio.



As I mentioned previously, I have been looking into my archive and I am waving GoodBye to a lot of what is in it, both works I have produced or released myself as well as many pieces from my collection.

I will be putting the majority of them up on eBay.

The first to set sail is the original two-track stereo 1/4" master tapes for Current 93’s first album, Nature Unveiled (Laylah Records LAY 4, 1984). According to the tape box, Ach Golgotha (Maldoror Is Dead) was mixed to stereo on January 18, 1984, and The Mystical Body Of Christ In Chorazaim (The Great In The Small) on a unspecified day in April, 1984. The stereo master tape for the free single, No Hiding From The Blackbird and The Burial Of the Sardine (Laylah Records LAY 7, 1984) by C93 and Nurse With Wound, respectively, is also included with the master tapes for the album. There are 3 printed sheets inside, one of them 2-sided, connected with technical details of the mastering. My handwriting is on the front, back and spine of the boxes for The Mystical Body Of Christ In Chorazaim (The Great In The Small) and No Hiding From The Blackbird / The Burial Of the Sardine; and my handwriting is on the front of Ach Golgotha (Maldoror Is Dead). The tape has REMIX written on the box for Ach Golgotha (Maldoror Is Dead) as Steven Stapleton and I decided not to use the first mix we had made of that track for Nature Unveiled as we were not perfectly happy with it, and so consequently remixed it, a week or so later, for the album. That original first mix of Ach Golgotha (Maldoror Is Dead) was later reissued on the C93 album Dawn.

There are, thus, 3 tapes in total. I will be adding more stereo master tapes in the future.

This has a starting price of £393, and the item will be sent by courier to the purchaser.

Please note: the purchase of this item does not confer any rights, in any way whatsoever, to issuing the material on these tapes OR using it in any way at all. We cannot guarantee that the tapes are still playable, though we imagine they should be.



I have added a small number of my BubbleHead As Aleph pen and ink drawings; each one has its title written, and is signed by me, in pencil at the bottom left and right, respectively, of each drawing.

The drawings with two Aleph faces on are £93 each.

Aleph As NineBubbleHead Legion is £213.

Aleph As SevenTeenBubbleHead Legion is £239.

Aleph As BubbleHead in RedWine is £313.



I and we are also OverMoon to announce two C93 belt buckles, an Imperium Death Flower buckle in black metal and white enamel and an In The Night I Have Heard Chariots Breathing buckle in multi-coloured enamel.

Each design is made using hard enamel, just like the enamel badges we produce, and is roughly 3” (762mm) high, 0.15” (4mm) thick, with width in proportion to the height. The belt is not supplied; these belt buckles are easily attached to the belts one can easily buy which have two pop-rivet studs on the back. Proof images are attached to this update; once the items arrive, we will post images of the actual buckle.

Please note: This is an advance order; the buckles will be on the shop for one month. We will then take them off the shop and have the buckles made, and they will be sent out in the 3 weeks following. 

The belt buckles are £25 each, or a set with one of each design for £40. P&P is extra.



We are Bowled Over By The Moon to gossip that we are taking advance orders for 2 new C93 screenprinted t-shirt designs and 2 new C93 screenprinted tote bags.

The Imperium Death Flower design is available in white print on black shirt, with the Death Flower on the front, and CURRENT 93 on the back. The Aleph As SevenTeenBubbleHead Legion design (which is printed on one side only) is available as a luminous print on a black shirt and as a silver print on a white shirt. As usual, we are taking advance orders so we can print the correct number of gender and size. The t-shirts are made of organic cotton. 

The t-shirts are £20 each. P&P is extra.


The tote bag is available in two designs. The Imperium Death Flower design is available in black print, with the Death Flower on one side and CURRENT 93 on the other side, on unbleached white cotton. The Aleph As SevenTeenBubbleHead Legion design is available in deep red print, with Aleph As SevenTeenBubbleHead Legion on one side, and CURRENT 93 on the other side, in unbleached white cotton. As mentioned, the tote bag is made of thick organic unbleached cotton; it also has an internal double pocket.

The tote bags are £16 each. P&P is extra.

Both t-shirt and tote are perfect for sitting in your Harbour whilst watching the PickNickClouds Skip By. The t-shirt and tote bags will be on the shop for one month. We will then take them off the shop and have the t-shirts and tote bags screenprinted, and the items will then will be sent out in the 2 weeks following. 

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