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Invocations Of Almost & Stapleton-Tibet Reissues & Archaeological Discovery!

Dear All and All and ALL:

Firstly, there will be another update in a week, giving details of a new SuperGroup we have formed, and Other News.



I am sorry this edition has taken me and us so long; the main reason was my having to complete, pack, and ship the hundreds of pieces of artwork and sculptures to the Begovich Gallery for my exhibition, which opens in just over a month. I then had to go to the studio to finish Invocations Of Always, the installation music for the exhibition. I have now started painting the covers and hope that they will start to be sent out next week. Thank you again, all of you, for your patience.


The press release from The CSUF Begovich Gallery follows:

Invocation of Almost will showcase a large selection of David Tibet's past, present, and future paintings and drawings, which Channel his Cartoon Imaginings of Apocalypses, Hallucinatory Scribble Myths, and Sidereal Dream PickNicks. There will also be many new sculptures and installation pieces - all previously unseen works - which have been recently shown to Tibet as Dreams from the Wooden Child. Some of these unique artworks include, or have been inspired by, Coptic and Akkadian texts, languages that Tibet has studied for many years.

Also on display will be original hand-written lyrics by Tibet, as well as ephemera from Tibet's ParaMusical group, Current 93. An entirely new musical composition has been created by Current 93, as Red House as Red Barn, especially for The CSUF Begovich Gallery. In addition, this exhibition will flicker AlephFilms by the video artist Davide Pepe, David Tibet's long-term collaborator and the FilmSaint for C93.

An extensive full-color exhibition catalogue will be produced in Lunar Conjunction with this exhibition with texts and essays on David and his work by: Anohni, Nick Blinko, Henry Boxer, Jacqueline Bunge, Nick Cave, Shirley Collins, Michel Faber, Gef!, Norbert Kox, Thomas Ligotti, Hugo Lundhaug, Seth Sanders, David Tibet, Ola Wikander, Martin Worthington and Daniel Wojcik.

For more information contact Jacqueline Bunge, Gallery Programs Curator & Exhibition Curator at: or visit:





We are OverMoon to announce that the following Stapleton-Tibet reissues are now available online; we have very limited quantities...

The Threats Of Memories 2LP reissue, on United, by Steven Stapleton and David Tibet features 3 side-long tracks, newly edited by Andrew Liles, from their albums The Sadness Of Things and Musical Pumpkin Cottage. The fourth side is a previously unreleased version, titled “DreamBreath”, from the Musical Pumpkin Cottage recording sessions. It comes in a gatefold sleeve, reproducing Babs Santini’s artwork from the original releases and a photograph of Steven and David by Ruth Bayer, as well as an insert containing all lyrics and credits, and with HandWriting by David Tibet. The 2LP was mastered by Andrew Liles, and the cover was designed by Ania Goszczyńska.

BUY | £23 plus P&P


The Threat Of Memory 5CD box-set, on United Dirter, by Steven Stapleton and David Tibet features all of Steven’s and David’s previously-issued recordings, made under their “Steven Stapleton & David Tibet” faces, on the first four of the CDs, as well as a fifth CD with previously unissued out-takes from the Musical Pumpkin Cottage recording sessions. It does not include the unissued out-take on Side 4 on Side 4 of THE THREATS OF MEMORIES 2LP. It comes in a hinged box, with new artwork by Babs Santini on the CD’s individual sleeves as well as on the box’s cover with a booklet containing all credits and lyrics, and with HandWriting by David Tibet. The CDs were mastered by Andrew Liles, and the cover was designed by Ania Goszczyńska.

BUY | £23 plus P&P


Dead Memory LP, on United Dirter, by Steven Stapleton and DavidTibet features two further out-takes from Musical Pumpkin Cottage. Neither of these two tracks feature on The Threats Of Memories 2LP or The Threat Of Memory 5CD box-set. The cover features new paintings by Babs Santini and David Tibet, with HandWriting by David Tibet. The LP was mastered by Andrew Liles, and the cover was designed by Ania Goszczyńska. Limited to 500 copies only.




Archaeological Records (AR) is a new curatorial project dedicated to music archaeology, and a club for sound explorers. It is born to investigate both the deep history of sound and in finding ways for a more sustainable cultural production.

When AR asked Christophe Szpajdel (aka “Lord of the Logos”) to design its logotype, the curators discovered a vast and virgin landscape photographic archive. An archive of great value: Szpajdel's design styles draw inspiration from plant forms, but it is in his vast photographic archive that his abstract thought is unvealed. It came natural for the newborn organisation to plan Szpajdel's first photo show: “Darkening Ligne Claire”. Liles/Maniac (the duo formed by Andrew Liles and Sven Erik ‘Maniac’ Fuzz Kristiansen) composed a soundtrack that is now their new – and AR's first – album.
As is written on the silk-screened inlay, in the “Darkening Ligne Claire” box set:

“We chose and printed – in a 24 cm x 30 cm format – fourteen shots in order to build seven diptychs, and then we named the art, borrowing the titles from Szpajdel’s past creations: I - EMPEROR, II - ENTHRONED, III - FLAGELLUM DEI, IIII - SLAUGHTER MESSIAH, IIIII - SOULBURN, IIIIII - WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM, IIIIIII - NOCTUARY.

This visual selection inspired Andrew Liles and Sven Kristiansen to create music, to blur sound, to stretch and shrink time. Andrew Liles manifested the “Darkening Ligne Claire” oncept by manipulating Maniac’s narration of the titles above; using only the sound of Maniac’s voice through various digital and analogue processes, seven tracks, each seven minutes long, were created.

When, after the production of these seven “meta”-heavy metal tracks, Szpajdel drew a logo for the Liles/Maniac duo, then “Darkening Ligne Claire” was complete.

Each track was lathe-cut on a single-sided transparent vinyl 10” by Bladud Flies!, leaving the blank side of the disc on which to engrave the logo.

The official release date is March the 4th.

While the digital version of all the contents will be made available online for free, the “Darkening Ligne Claire” item itself appears now in a wax-sealed wooden casing (38 cm x 38 cm x 7 cm) that contains the seven diptychs and the seven discs. This one-copy-only physical edition will be available through the label only, and it costs the absurd price of €3000, which is the amount of money needed to cover the expenses and to buy a piece of land to re-wild, in order to compensate the carbon footprint of the whole project.

For more information, email

View and listen here:
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