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Create Christ, Sailor Boys and Girls, with HYPNOPAZŪZU in Tilburg whilst the Road Burns.

It’s PixieTime
Girls and Boys—
For our HypnoPickNick
Bring Moons and Toys!

Youth and I are OverTheMotherMoon to announce we headline Tilburg’s ROADBURN festival in April 2017. Also appearing on the same night on the same stage will be our very dear friends the Unique Utterers ULVER.

RoadBurn’s Press release is as follows:

“We are thrilled to announce that HYPNOPAZŪZU (David Tibet of Current 93 and Youth of Killing Joke) will perform at Roadburn Festival 2017, alongside Ulver, on Sunday, April 23 at the 013 venue, Tilburg, The Netherlands. Their album, Create Christ, Sailor Boy, ranks among our albums of the year at Roadburn HQ, and we cannot wait to witness it brought to life on stage at Roadburn 2017.”
HYPNOPAZŪZU: Create Christ, Sailor Boy White Vinyl Edition
100 copies of HYPNOPAZŪZU'S Create Christ, Sailor Boy have been released as a 2LP white vinyl edition, and House of Mythology are OverMoon to announce that 60 copies only of this item will be sold via their friends and colleagues at SPKR media. The sales link will be live on Wednesday at 11am (Central European Time) and it can be bought ➜ here.

Please note: this is NOT available from
Cliff Stapleton and His Extraordinary New Album
The Tumbling of Creatures

I recommend more than I can spell this wonderful compilation by my friend Cliff, the hurdy-gurdy Master and Magician. Many of you will know of his work with Cyclobe and Coil. His press release follows:

Cliff Stapleton & Friends present…

The Tumbling of Creatures

Music for the Hurdy-Gurdy

NEW CD album featuring Blowzabella, Coil, The Duellists and Cyclobe available from

The Tumbling of Creatures features twelve pieces of music written and performed by hurdy-gurdy virtuoso Cliff Stapleton, recorded between 1984 and 2014 with various groups and theatre companies. Stapleton’s compositions, and his interplay with other artists, reveal his remarkable creative life with this ancient instrument, the hurdy-gurdy: from the powerful folk-dance of Blowzabella to the cosmic invocations of Coil and Cyclobe.

The Tumbling of Creatures is presented in a four-panel, handmade concertina-style cover, silk-screen printed in copper and black ink with a card insert. The artwork features 16th-century masks created by the Flemish artist Cornelis Floris de Vriendt, engraved by Frans Huys and exquisitely brought to life by designer Ania Goszczyńska.

Photo © Mike Smith

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