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New Release from Bladud Flies! & New Cyclobe Badges

David writes:

As many of you may know, Bladud Flies! co-director, The Bricoleur, is remastering all the C93 albums for reissue. He has also worked with me and C93 (and others) extensively, as well as cutting all C93’s lathe edition vinyl on the Bladud Flies! lathe-cutter. His partner in Bladud Flies!, Lauren Winton, also works with me on many projects and designs. Together as BF! they also run one of my favourite record labels… and they announce, Hopping, Skipping and Bladud Flying!, as follows:

"BF! are pleased to announce the latest release by The Bricoleur. 'Path of the Nyau | Perpendicular To Everything' 7" (lathe) is the latest entry into the Abhorrent Jukebox series. Limited to 30 numbered copies, hand cut by Michael Lawrence at Last Offices and housed in a screen-printed jacket designed by Lauren Winton. Available in the BF! shop." 

BEAUTIFUL! My lovely friends at CYCLOBE and PHANTOMCODE announce their lovely COPPER & ENAMEL BADGES, and say:

“We are delighted to offer a new item of merchandise, now available from the Cyclobe website. Produced in polished copper and black enamel, these badges come with a clutch pin fitting and are 22mm in height. They are only available as a pair.”

Go to to admire and acquire.

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