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The Special Edition of the New Haunt Album by C93, The Moons At Your Door

We are as Happy As The Moon to give some details of the forthcoming special edition of The Moons At Your Door. It will be released at the same time as The Moons At Your Door book.

  1. The album consists of 3 one-sided black vinyl 12” records; all 3 records have no music on the black reverse. The first 2 records, which are white-label test-pressings, have, respectively, track 1 and track 2 from the standard album on their A side: so record one has “The Moons At Your Door” on side 1, and record 2 has “There Is A GraveYard That Dwells In Man” on side 1. The 3rd record is a one-sided lathe-cut record, mastered and cut by the bricoleur, and has on one side the third track from the album, “Mass By Boy”, which only appears on this edition of the album.
  2. Each blank side of each 12” record has a different decorative image silk-screened in white and luminous ink on that blank reverse. This design is different on each of the 3 records. The blank side does NOT have a white label on it.
  3. The text on the white-labels on side 1 of the test-pressings are hand-written by David.
  4. The playable side of the lathe-cut record has David’s thumb-print in silver.
  5. The 6-panel fold-out card poster cover (of which we show the 6 panels of the outer cover in this update) is printed in luminous ink on black card.
  6.  The edition comes with a screen-printed insert.
  7. The entire item is placed inside a clear sealable bag, screen-printed to the front and back in silver ink.
  8. 93 copies, signed and numbered by David, are available. £93 each plus P&P.

This album is released in mid-January 2016. It is now available for PRE-ORDER and will be posted out as soon as it arrives.

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