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"SING OMEGA: Collected Writings and Lyrics from 2013—1983" FREE DOWNLOAD

Dear You, She, He:

I am OverMoon to announce that a third, digital, edition of SING OMEGA, my book of collected lyrics, from 2013—1983, is now available as a PDF for free download from my online shop at Go to BOOKS to find it; themes mentioned below are also to be found there.

I have also made available free downloads of PDFs of The Secret Queen Of Englandmy essay on how I first met Shirley Collins, and how our friendship developed, as well as A Magical Request for Revelation, my edition of the magical Coptic text P. Stras. Inv. Kopt. 550, which includes photographs of the manuscript, my edition of the Coptic text, my translation and notes on the grammar and content of the text.

The Secret Queen Of England was first published by Fledg’ling Records in a BEAUTIFUL limited edition souvenir programme for All In The Downs, the celebration of Shirley Collins‘ 80th birthday that was held at London’s South Bank in July 2015. This 44-page book includes my essay, full details of the celebration concert, and many previously unpublished photographs from Shirley’s collection. It also includes a previously unpublished 7″ vinyl EP of some of Shirley’s earliest recordings. It is still available for purchase here.

Please note: You will need to register, if not already registered, on my website, and go to check-out before the book/s can be sent to you free in an email.

These items are also available, for free download, from my site,

I hope to be adding more material soon for free download.

Thank You All and Love,

david tibet+++


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