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Henry Boxer: "A Discerning Eye" Exhibition In Richmond, England

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Dear Kids and Kits

A couple of brief but important updates:

The Moons At Your Door Special Edition & The Moons At Your Door Swastikas For Noddy Signed And Numbered Screen-prints

We are sad to have to announce that, due to a sudden bereavement in the family of one of the most important members involved in these projects, they are all delayed for another 2 months or so. They ARE still going ahead,and will all look gorgeous but, because of this bereavement, it will take longer than we had hoped. Some copies of the screen-prints are still available hereIf anyone would like to cancel their order and receive a refund, please let us know and we will refund you immediately!

Henry Boxer: A Discerning Eye Exhibition In Richmond, England

 The LAST chance to see a truly extraordinary exhibition of art from the collection of one of my dearest friends, Henry Boxer. The last day one can see it is Sunday 7 February

Henry’s collection is utterly unique, and his taste exquisite. I was introduced to him by Jhonn Balance many years ago, Balance had been buying (mainly) Austin Osman Spare paintings from Henry, and he told me that Henry also had paintings by Louis Wain for sale. I bought my first Wain from Henry, and we became close friends, and remain so to this day.

It is unlikely that one will be able to see such an amazing selection of inspired and hallucinatory artists in one space, in one place, ever again. Henry has also kindly included 2 or 3 paintings by myself which are in his collection.

Henry is an extraordinary, charismatic, and wonderful individual, and this section from his collection gives some insight into his heart, his soul, and his eye… and shows some ASTONISHINGLY MOVING work.

Thank you Henry. I love you. David+++


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