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93% Of David Tibet’s Crowley Book Collection Offered For Sale Through Weiser Antiquarian Books

I am OverMoon that a large part of my collection of books by Aleister Crowley are being offered for sale by my dear friends Keith Richmond and Marliyn Rinn at Weiser Antiquarian Books. It includes several first editions, as well as scarce and odd items.

Each book has my original ownership signature in pencil written on one of the front blank pages, and also my EX LIBRIS bookplate on a front pastedown; the bookplate's design features a drawing, and the phrase EX LIBRIS DAVID TIBET, by myself—see the accompanying image.

 As Weiser point out, I am clearing a lot of space out from my shelves in order that Sumeria, Babylon and Stenbock can have more space on them soon, and so some items have to leave the shelves too.

Weiser Antiquarian Books wrote, in their sweet and kind introduction, which also offers Crowley’s manuscript for his The Book of Lies:

This is without doubt one of the most significant and interesting catalogues that we have issued for some time. It begins with the original holograph manuscript, with Aleister Crowley's hand-drawn cover designs, for The Book of Lies. It is, quite simply, a stunning piece. As most reading this will know, The Book of Lies was one of Crowley's most important works, and also one of his personal favourites. The front cover is also a rare example of his work as an artist / book designer. Almost all significant Crowley manuscripts are now either in institutional hands or in collections from which they are unlikely to ever emerge for sale so it is in every sense unique. 

The second part of the catalogue comprises a small group of books from the library of our dear friend David Tibet (artist, writer, musician and founder of the music group Current 93) who has been thinning his shelves. Most of the books in the section are quality hardcovers from the 1970s, usually in lovely condition, but there are some more unusual pieces. Chief amongst these would have to be a copy of the First U.S. Edition of The Book of the Law that circulated within the NEW ISIS LODGE of what was then the Typhonian O.T.O., with the Lodge's initials and the words “Loan Copy” in the handwriting of Kenneth Grant on the front free endpaper. There is also a nice First Edition of The Equinox, Volume III, No. 1 - The Blue Equinox (1919), and a copy of the Subscriber's Edition of Magick In Theory and Practice (1930) that includes the leaflet “Your Interest In Magick should be the Dawn of a New Life” that was distributed with some copies in England in the 1930s. All of David's books have his unique bookplate on the front pastedown, and his pencilled ownership signature on one of the blanks. 



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