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TheAlephExpressToNetherWood PostCard by TrainDavidLateTibet (11)



Dear AlephTrainSpotters EveryWhere!

Each PostCard has an AlephFace painted by David Over the DriverFace, and is embossed with David’s stamp in the bottom LeftHand Corner (not LeftHandPath!)

On the back David has written variations on the phrase “Dear—, All Aboard The AlephExpress to NetherWood, love” and signed it.

If you add the necessary details in A NOTE to your order, or send us an email with the details along with your order number, David will add your name after the “Dear—“, and will also put your name, town, and country—but not street address etc., in the blank "address" space on the right of the reverse of the card, under the stamp.

Each card  carries a LateUnitedKingdom stamp, featuring Her Britannic Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s profile on it, and is franked by David with his AlephSeal.

Please note: we reserve the right to cancel any order, and refund your payment, if the name you ask David to write is not approved by The Postal Service of Aleph, which is Headed by David Amen.

Each card has a number written by David in pencil to the left of the LateUnitedKingdom stamp, indicating the order in which he created the cards.

David plans to Build 93,000,000 of these AlephTrains before he ASCENDS.

£49 plus P&P. Watch And Ride!

Please note - "Signed-For" (within the UK) or “Insured" (for anywhere outside the UK) delivery MUST be chosen at check-out. Otherwise the order will be cancelled, and your payment refunded.

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