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Current 93: I am the Last of All the Field That Fell

I am the Last of All the Field That Fell CD SIGNED BY DAVID


The C93 PickNick Magick album is being released in several formats and editions.

I AM THE LAST OF ALL THE FIELD THAT FELL is released as a single CD and double LP. The CD has a domestic release and a North American release. The 2LP in its three versions only has a domestic release. The recording and mixes are the same on all the five, and the artwork and booklets identical except for one feature. My friend Norbert Kox: •, who is also one of my favourite artists, and with whom I am now collaborating on a large project, appears on the C93 album reading one of his profoundly apocalyptic and extraordinarily powerful poems. But the poem differs between that on the UK CD, that on the North American CD and that on the three 2LP formats, and hence the text of his poem in the booklet is also different in each edition.



The Norbert Kox poem on this version is TRUTH IS ONE. The UK/EUROPE/REST OF THE WORLD CD is £11 plus postage and packing. 

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