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Aleph At Hallucinatory Mountain CD

Aleph At Hallucinatory Mountain CD


Almost In The Beginning Was The Murderer...

Track listing:

1: Invocation Of Almost
2: Poppyskins
3: On Docetic Mountain
4: 26 April 2007
5: Aleph Is The Butterfly Net
6: Not Because The Fox Barks
7: UrShadow
8: As Real As Rainbows (5:23)


David Tibet: Vocals, July Or Gorgon Guitars, Mix
James Blackshaw: 12-String Guitar, Piano
William Breeze: Electric Viola, Viola-Controlled Sampler
Ossian Brown: Synthesizers
John Contreras: Cello, Synthesizers
Baby Dee: Piano, Hammond Organ
Andria Degens: Vocals
Sasha Grey: Vocals
Andrew Liles: Electronics, Guitars, Mix
Alex Neilson: Drums, Percussion
Rickie Lee Jones: Vocals
Alice Rousham: Vocals
Henry Rousham: Vocals
Steven Stapleton: Electronics, Mix
Matt Sweeney: Guitar, Vocals
Andrew W.K.: Bass, Piano, Vocals
Keith Wood: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Slide Guitar, Bass

The album was produced and mixed by Andrew Liles, Steven Stapleton and David Tibet. The accompanying booklet contains all the text, individual photographs of the band and photographs and names of all subscribers.

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