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Thunder Perfect Mind LP - BENT IN SPACE

A small amount of C93 vinyl that we took to Lovely Wrocław in Poland remained unsold, so we had them sent back to us by air. BUT they must have been BENT IN SPACE as unfortunately, every single copy received either a bump to the corner, or a crease on the sleeve, or a cut at the top or bottom of the sleeve where the vinyl has cut through the sleeve—see photographs. So of course we wouldn’t be happy selling them as perfect copies. SO I have written BENT IN SPACE on every copy, initialled the text I have written, and also signed them. Inserted into each copy of the album is one of the lovely tickets for the Wrocław  Channelling, which I have also signed.

Please note - Due to the constant problems we have with constant loss, and non-delivery, of items sent to Russia, sadly ALL orders from Russia MUST choose “INSURED AND TRACKABLE” shipping at check-out. Otherwise the order will be cancelled and the payment refunded.

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