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Thunder Perfect Mind 2LP (Black Vinyl) Repress


We are OverMoon to announce a black vinyl repress of C93’s Thunder Perfect Mind. As well as being in black vinyl, the record labels are now purple text on a cream background, as opposed to the 2017 repress.

Please note: we will take the records out of the shrink-wrap so the sleeve isn’t damaged in shipping.

Please also note: if Thunder Perfect Mind is ordered along with any pre-order items such as the Nature Unveiled lathe-cut 2LP, or the tote-bag or t-shirt, the copy/copies of Thunder Perfect Mind will be shipped at the same time as the pre-order items, in late April/early May


Side 1
A Beginning
The Descent Of Long Satan And Babylon 
A Sadness Song
A Song For Douglas (After He's Dead)
In The Heart Of The Wood (And What I Found There)
Mary Waits In Silence

Side 2
A Silence Song
A Lament For My Suzanne
All The Stars Are Dead Now

Side 3
Rosy Star Tears From Heaven
When The May Rain Comes
Thunder Perfect Mind I
Thunder Perfect Mind II

Side 4
Hitler As Kalki (SDM)
A Sad Sadness Song



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