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"The Pepsi-Cola Addict" by June-Alison Gibbons

The legendary THE PEPSI-COLA ADDICT by June-Alison Gibbons is finally republished, with an introduction by June-Alison Gibbons, and an afterword by David Tibet and Ania Goszczyńska. 

June-Alison Gibbons is fully involved with this publication and all its associated items.

The first edition of this book, published by the vanity press New Horizon in 1981, is vanishingly rare. 

This new official SPECIAL edition comprises the first 100 copies of a total edition of 393 copies of the book in total—100 SPECIAL, 293 STANDARD.

Both the SPECIAL and STANDARD editions are hardbacks, with foil-blocking on the front and back boards, and the spine. A full-colour dust-jacket, designed by June-Alison Gibbons and Ania Goszczyńska, finally realises the cover-design June-Alison had originally wanted for the book. The top, side, and bottom edges of the pages have been colour-dyed. The book also has coloured head- and tail-bands, and a coloured book-ribbon. Coloured endpapers—with different designs for the front endpapers and the back endpapers—reproduce drawings of the book’s two main characters, Preston and Peggy, drawn by the author. 

The SPECIAL EDITION comprises of:
  • bookplate, signed and numbered by June-Alison
  • A two-sided postcard reproducing the first edition’s front-cover artwork, and a  facsimile holograph note—about the book’s original cover—by June-Alison on the reverse of the postcard.
  • A folded full-Risograph-colour poster of the author.
  • A folded one-sided sheet reproducing a typed love poem by June-Alison intended to be added to, but then deleted from, the first edition of her novel.
  • A screenprinted two-sided tote-bag, made from FairTrade organic cotton, featuring on one side the author’s photo from the book’s first edition and, on the other side, the title and author’s name    as used on the first edition.
  • card label tied with waxed string to the tote-bag with a drawing by June-Alison of a packet of cigarettes on one side, with each label individually signed by her on the back.
  • A one-sided cassetteº, in a double-sided fold-out sleeve reproducing a mix-tape-design drawn by June-Alison, featuring a 14-minute long track with June-Alison reading excerpts from THE PEPSI-COLA ADDICT over music created by Current 93 with her especially for this track.
  • A red-and-white-striped candy bag, with a reproduction of a drawing by June-Alison of the book’s hero, Preston. This drawing differs from the one on the STANDARD edition’s candy-bag.

You can view the short film showing all the items here:

Please be aware that some Risograph pigments may be UV sensitive and possibly fade when exposed to direct sunlight for a longer periods of time.

Orders for this book will start shipping on Monday October 17. We aim to ship as quickly as possible, but please be aware there is only one person dealing with our mail-order, and we receive lots of orders.


ºA different mix of the track by June-Alison and C93 on the cassette that accompanies this SPECIAL EDITION only is also soon released on Cashen’s Gap as a one-sided 12” lathe record, in 3 separate vinyl colours of 31 copies each, cut by The Bricoleur at Bladud Flies! / Instagram

All paper and card items printed by Risograph by Fraser Carr Miles at Unit 33 / Instagram; he also kindly shot these product photographs and made these films for us.
Tote-bag screenprinted by Stephen Clements / Instagram

A trade paperback of THE PEPSI-COLA ADDICT will be published next year by Strange Attractor / Instagram

Thank you for reading, Love from David and Ania, אמן.

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