STANDARD EDITION: I Arose As Aleph, The Speller, The Killer



The א ALEPH edition of I AROSE AS ALEPH, THE SPELLER, THE KILLER is a 10 x 10 inch, hardback book. It has a decorative white cloth cover, with the covers front, back and spine blocked in white ink.

This edition is limited to 393 copies.

Design differences between EDITION א ALEPH and EDITION ת TAV include the colour of the book’s cloth cover, as well as the colour of the ribbon marker and the head- and tail-bands.

Cloth cover: Black
Ribbon marker: Black
Head- and tail-bands: White

Each book is printed on heavy black 170gsm Challenger paper matching the original card of the paintings. All paintings are reproduced in their original white ink and all text throughout the book is white. Other features of this book are black-edged pages, printed endpapers, and sewn signatures.

Both editions include a one-sided 12" record of a new, 9 minutes and 30 seconds long, Current 93 song entitled “I Arose As Aleph, The Speller, The Killer” (Coptic Cat NIFE 017V). The line up on the record is Reinier van Houdt, Andrew Liles, Tony McPhee and David Tibet. The 12" record is not available for sale separately. This track will not be released in any other formats, including digital download. 

Please note, all orders will ship within 30 days of purchase due to customized drawing by David Tibet in each copy of EDITION ת TAV. Rates are based on weight and shipping destination.